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Flex Friday

To all of our Jeep friends and family members, we want to show off all of the awesome proof that Flex Friday brings: Advertisements

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Give a little back to Mother Nature

Do you ever hear, “Don’t top off your gas! It’s bad for the environment!”? We hear it all the time, but we weren’t always sure exactly what it meant, and … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure!

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? You’d be given a scenario, and you’d have choices as to how you would respond. Different choices would lead to different paths, some … Continue reading

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How to: What can YOU do to keep your car in shipshape?

If we could, we’d all prefer our car to be in perfect condition 24/7 — smooth-running transmission, properly-inflated tires, full tank of gas… Sadly, life doesn’t work that way, and … Continue reading

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Gas card giveaway!

Let’s face it — gas is an expensive necessity, especially when you drive a big-boy car like a Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler. Here at Orange Coast, we feel your … Continue reading

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For Jeep eyes only

It’s something special to own a Jeep — something other car owners don’t necessarily understand. Driving a Jeep doesn’t mean the road is your limit, the¬†world is. We recently found … Continue reading

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Gear your car up for hot weather!

Whether or not you’re prepared for the weather (see what we did there?), summer is on its way, meaning heat, popsicles, heat, swimming, heat, t-shirts, and heat. And as much … Continue reading

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